Monday, 7 January 2013

Ask Gary - last call for questions

We've got plenty of questions to put to Gary Yates this coming Wednesday night. Read on to see what's on our minds. Do you have anything you'd like to add? Whatever your question, please email or telephone 01482 861848 by Tuesday evening.  

1. Did you ever consider taking up umpiring? Who did you consider the best umpire? And, as a player, did you ever give an umpire any grief when you were bowling?

2. Former Lancashire chairman Cedric Rhoades was talking about the creation of a big city limited overs league in the 1960s, and Michael Vaughan among others has recently expressed support for a Aussie-style T20 league. How you would like to see 20-over cricket develop in this country?

3. What impact has 20-over cricket had on the development of young spinners like Stephen Parry and Adil Rashid?

4. Lancashire captain Glen Chapple has been described as 'the best ever bowler never to play test cricket'. Do you agree? Can you give us some insight into his value to Lancs as bowler, batsman and captain?

5. Who else among your contemporaries do you feel could or should have played for England?

6. How do you bowl the doosra? Can you bowl the doosra without throwing it?

7. James Sutherland of Cricket Australia claims today that yesterday's Warne/Samuels incident increases interest in the BBL. How do you react to that as a coach primarily responsible for the development of young cricketers?

8. Do you watch with envy as modern off-spinners claim such a high proportion of LBWs. How much has DRS changed umpiring decisions in non-televised matches? And how has it affected your coaching?

9. Why did Yorkshire ever let Gary Keedy go? What are the qualities which have made him such a valuable player for Lancashire over the past seventeen seasons?

10. How do you and Peter Moores share the coaching duties at Lancashire? How did you successfully bring so many young players into the championship winning side in 2011? And what went wrong in 2012?

11. How do you rate the prospects for Yorkshire and Lancashire in 2013? And for the new players on either side - Brookes and Plunkett for Yorkshire; Kabir Ali and Katich for Lancashire?

12. What about the next crop of young players? Can you give us some names to watch out for - Lancashire and Yorkshire - in 2013?